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Jim Millard's Books are back in print!

We're happy to announce that as of August 2018 most of Jim's books are available once again in print and ebook versions on and at select bookstores and organizations. Not available in your local bookstore yet? Ask them for it! Thank you for your interest in Jim's books.

Burlington Vermont During the War of 1812

Page redesigned with many new images. Click here to view.

Ethan Allen's Grave and Monument
Green Mount Cemetery Burlington, Vermont

We have completely redesigned this page with all new photos and additional text. Click here to view.

Creative Commons-
Changes to our Copyright Policy

In harmony with our continuing mission to share the rich history of the region with the world, we've modified our copyright policy. America's Historic Lakes now has a Creative Commons License, replacing our old All Rights Reserved policy. There are various licenses available under Creative Commons. The license we have chosen, while still protecting our content from unauthorized use and modification, allows for easier access and redistribution of our materials. More information about Creative Commons can be found here. For the terms of our license, visit this page.

More Changes at America's Historic Lakes...

Since America's Historic Lakes was first published, way back in 1997 (a very long time ago in "internet years"), countless hundreds of thousands (maybe more) have viewed our 300+ pages millions of times. We're proud of being a pioneer in sharing the remarkable history of the region on the web.

Yet, we are aware that many of those pages are in need of updating. We're working on it, slowly but surely. It's a big job and, as most of you know, "we" really means one person- yours truly- Jim Millard.

One thing we've taken on recently is attempting to make our most popular pages mobile device friendly. More and more people are viewing web content on their iPads, tablets, iPods and mobile phones.

Look for these changes on AHL- they may appear subtle at first, we don't see a full "mobile" site in the future, but we do want to make sure our pages continue to enlighten, entertain and educate everyone who is interested for a long time into the future. Thanks for sticking with us and for your support of America's Historic Lakes.

Here's to the future as we continue to learn from and appreciate the lessons of the past.


New Guest Contribution: Notes on the Captains of the Vessels in the Battle of Valcour Island under Brigadier General Benedict Arnold and Table of Captains and Vessels- Battle of Lake Champlain at Valcour Island

America's Historic Lakes is pleased to announce a new Guest Contributor- Stephen Darley. We're excited to bring you this important new material about the Captains and Vessels of the Continental Fleet at the Battle of Valcour. Click here for Part I and here for Part II. Learn more about Mr. Darley here.

Changes at America's Historic Lakes...

January 2011

America's Historic Lakes returns to its roots today. I just finished filing my final Sales and Use Tax returns with Vermont and New York State. Beginning this month, AHL has returned to being strictly a "labor of love"- my attempt at sole proprietorship (small business) being unsuccessful. What does this mean to you? Probably not much- our popular website will continue to be published online. My books will still be available, although they must be purchased directly from our supplier- now instead of directly from the author. I will no longer be able to directly sell books retail since I won't be able to collect state sales taxes.

Thank you all- very much- for your past, and continued, support of my efforts and America's Historic Lakes.

Jim Millard                                                      South Hero, VT

Following Fort "Blunder"...  The Strange and Sad Tale of Fort Montgomery, Lake Champlain/Richelieu River, Rouses Point, New York

We have added some material to this popular feature article, including a sketch of Fort "Blunder" from 1818. Click here.

Newly redesigned pages with higher quality images

As promised, we have started to revise many pages in the site.  Also, now that most viewers have high speed connections we are able to incorporate larger, higher quality images into our pages.

The Strange and Sad Tale of Fort Montgomery- Lake Champlain/Richelieu River at Rouses Point, New York

We've made a few modifications to the text of this popular account of the region's famous fort to help clarify the distinctions between Fort "Blunder" and Fort Montgomery. Click here.

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