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Guest Contributors...         Edwin R. Scollon*

                        Diving Lake Champlain...

"When we work at Valcour Bay, it's easy to imagine we're flying through time as we glide over its hallowed ground..."

The Bluff Point Lighthouse on Valcour Island, the cannon embedded in the silt of the bay, project divers at work, Lt. Roger's memorial, Faden's map of the Battle, NYSED placard, and Gen. Benedict Arnold
The Valcour Bay Research Project- Rediscovering the Battle of Valcour, photo courtesy of Doug and Mark Harwood

In partnership with:
The Valcour Bay Research Project is a cooperative effort with the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Valcour Island, scene of the Battle of Lake Champlain- Oct. 11, 1776One visit to America's Historic Lakes and it’s easy to see Jim Millard’s enthusiasm for the beauty and the history of our northern lakes.  It's not surprising that his interest isn’t limited to their surfaces and shores. 

Aerial photo courtesy of Doug and Mark  Harwood.

My name is Ed Scollon; Jim has asked me to share with the visitors to America's Historic Lakes a diver's perspective of what it's like to work on an underwater historic site.  Many friends and professionals are involved with the Valcour Bay Research Projects' efforts; it’s a true honor and privilege to share the experiences of the group.

Because of their beauty or history, some places just have a presence to them.  For both reasons, Valcour Bay is such a place.  Whether it’s above the surface or below, the more you know of her past, the stronger that presence becomes.

History and scuba diving are alike, in that they’re a medium to worlds so different from Click here to see Fort Ticonderoga Curator and VBRP diver Chris Fox in the depths of Valcour Bay.our own.  From relics and records, we can better imagine worlds of long ago.  The more we learn, the more accurate those images become and it’s the closest thing we have to actually traveling through time.  With diving, floating and sinking seem as real as flying and gliding.  When we work at Valcour Bay, it's easy to imagine we're flying through time as we glide over its hallowed ground.

Fort Ticonderoga Curator and VBRP diver Chris Fox in the depths of Valcour Bay.

The cold, fresh waters of the lake preserve much of what falls to its floor.  Valcour Bay’s relics and wrecks have been the subject of many searches over the years.  The most notable of which, would be Colonel Lorenzo Hagglund’s raisings of the Royal Savage and the Philadelphia in the mid 1930’s.  Colonel Hagglund eloquently described the Philadelphia’s discovery, raising and preservation in the appropriately titled, A Page From the Past. Through the efforts of the Valcour Bay Research Project (VBRP), we’ve recently uncovered another page from the same chapter. Some of what we’ve begun to uncover and learn from the depths of the bay is in the pages that follow.

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The Valcour Bay Research Project

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 Download a copy of the Official Cannon Raising Commemoration Program (Acrobat .pdf) - Click HERE.

 Download a copy of The Battle of Valcour Island- A Burst Cannon Reflects a Moment in Time"
 (Acrobat .pdf) Click HERE.
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