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Acknowledgements and Guest Contributions

Some of the people who have made contributions to the Site include:

Gregory T. Furness - Jerry L. Patterson - Roger and Linda Harwood - Barbara Gallagher - Frederic Chase - James G. Bailey - Edwin R. Scollon - Mark and Doug Harwood - Jerry Forkey - Judy Swink - Claudia Hornby - Frank Pabst - John Rock - Myron C. Smith - Matt Booth - Ann Thurber - Stan Ransom - David Minor - Emily Marcason - Michael H. Bernstein- Thomas Ventiquattro II - Charles Barney - John R. Weaver - David C. Glenn - Steven Darley

Creating and maintaining a site about the history of Lake Champlain and Lake George can be a very humbling experience. Every step of the way, in the course of researching and writing of the incredible events that took place upon these waterways, I have encountered the efforts of those distinguished historians and researchers who came first. In everything I have done, I have had the benefit of outstanding works of history to review and learn from. I am deeply indebted to each of these individuals who put so much of themselves into their wonderful works about the historic lakes:

First and foremost, Dr. Russell Bellico. Quite simply, without his efforts this web site would never have happened. His outstanding books about the events that transpired here have inspired and motivated me every time I took my seat before a computer. Dr. Bellico has set the standard for anyone who writes about the history of these lakes. I want to thank Art Cohn and the wonderful folks at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum for their untiring efforts to preserve and make available to the public the historical treasures of these lakes. Other organizations that come to mind are the Lake Champlain Basin Program, The Plattsburgh Press-Republican and WPTZ/Channel 5 for their ongoing efforts to educate and inform all in the region of the value of our common heritage. 

I thank Dr. Paul Huey, the noted archaeologist who has worked on many of our most treasured historic sites for so long, for the time he has taken out of his busy schedule to write me, acknowledge the site, and offer the most worthy of suggestions. I am honored that he did so. Nautical archaeologist and author Dr. Kevin Crisman has been very supportive and has graciously contributed additional information regarding Americans buried on Crab Island.

And finally, I want to mention the individuals who have probably made the most difference for me, those folks who have personally given of themselves directly to help me and this website to become the success it is today. Some may not even be aware of the impact they have made- they are listed here nonetheless. My dear friend Roger Harwood and his wife Linda- the support, encouragement and research they have done for this humble undertaking has helped in ways impossible to relate. Ed Scollon is a man of integrity and dedication whose work in public service is affecting all of us in ways most will never know. His work with The Valcour Bay Research Project is remarkable. Hopefully, in time Ed will be recognized for his efforts. I hope Greg Furness has some idea how much help he has been to me over the years. Thank you, Aurora Loiselle, of the Historical Society of Saint Marc-sur-Richelieu, for your help with Samuel de Champlain's journal. Without your assistance, it would not be on the site today. I want to thank Mr. James Bailey- the Plattsburgh City Historian, for his outstanding efforts through the years. It seems everything I have ever touched, research-wise, has first been brought to light by Mr. Bailey. Had it not been for Jim, Crab Island would have been carved up by developers years ago.

Addie Shields- Clinton County HistorianI would be remiss if I did not mention Addie Shields. An indefatigable source of information, the late Ms. Shields left a mark on local historical research that will guide others for a long time in the future. I can't begin to say how many times Roger Harwood has begun a sentence with "Look what I got from Addie..." before presenting me with yet another useful piece of information or research.

Addie Shields

Author and military historian Col. David Fitz-Enz has been helpful with the Battle of Plattsburg material. I also want to thank the hard-working and dedicated members of the Vermont Historical Society, Chittenden County Historical Society, Clinton County Historical Association and The Battle of Plattsburgh Association for their efforts, especially of late. Mr. Bill Rowe has been very helpful. Gordie Little has been a real source of encouragement and support. Thank you all for your efforts. 

Finally, I would like to thank Maureen and Rick Leggett of Winooski, Vermont. Rick and Maureen have thoughtfully donated the Army Corps of Engineers map collection of the late Robert J. Belval, Maureen's father, to us for our research. Mr. Belval, a veteran of the US Navy in World War II, was an avid recreational boater on Lake Champlain. The collection covers the entire lake, from the Richelieu south to below Whitehall, NY.  We will put these maps to very good use as we continue our work of educating the world about these lovely and historic places.

I'm sure I've missed some who rightfully deserve mention here. I beg your indulgence and suspect that in time, mention of your efforts will be acknowledged. Finally, I want to thank the folks who have directly contributed to the site- articles, photos, research, etc. To each of these people I, and America's Historic Lakes- The Lake Champlain and Lake George Historical Site, owe our sincere appreciation.


Gregory T. Furness

Crown Point, An Outline History
Crab Island, Crown Point, early 19th century research

About the Author-

Crown Pt. 1760Gregory T. Furness resides on the New York side of the Champlain Valley. He has a B.A. in American History and an M.A. in Museum Studies from the Cooperstown Graduate Programs. After a career as an archivist, researcher, and historian he retired in 2002 following twenty-seven years as an historic site manager. His special interests are in in social history and pre-industrial technology.

Greg Furness holds a special place of honor among AHL's Guest Contributors. He was the first to send us material for our use. Through the years visitors to this website have benefited enormously from his efforts. He has been a long-time supporter and has contributed much to the Site's success. America's Historic Lakes is especially grateful for his special, often behind-the-scenes, contributions. [JPM]

 Jerry L. Patterson

Quebec City: May 1999


Walking in the Footsteps of William Johnson: 
from Johnstown to Lake George to Kanatsiohareke

About the Author-

Jerry L. Patterson is a student of North American history.  He is especially interested in the French and Indian War fought in the French and English colonies and how it related to the Seven Years War fought in Europe.  He has traveled extensively to FIW sites including the Historic Lakes, Quebec, Louisbourg, Johnson Hall and Fort Johnson, and Fort Niagara. Mr. Patterson is also interested in the history of the Iroquois including their current culture,  history, and economic condition.  He has visited the new Mohawk Village of Kanatsiohareke and studied Mohawk lifeways with the noted Mohawk Elder and Spokesperson Tom Porter.

He has a continuing interest in the history of Old West including Old West Trails.  He has walked in the ruts of the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail, followed in the footsteps of Kit Carson, tracked down the ghost of Billy The Kid in historic Lincoln County, NM and has explored many other Old West historic sites such as the Little Bighorn Battlefield.

Mr. Patterson has accumulated an extensive library serving these interests and has plans for writing both a historic novel and a work of history. He is the author of five books on casino gambling from the players perspective – how to survive and win in the casinos.

 He can be reached at and welcomes emails from persons with similar interests.


America's Historic Lakes is pleased to announce that Jerry Patterson expects to become a regular contributor to the site. Look for more of Jerry's work in the near future. We're very happy and grateful to have Jerry's contributions. [JPM] 

Roger Harwood

Site Supporter: Photo Contributions; Aerial photos, Crab Island, Battle of Plattsburgh, Fort Montgomery and Battle of Valcour research

Roger and Linda Harwood at the Crab Island MemorialRoger Harwood is a retired Technology teacher from Plattsburgh, NY who lives in a beautiful spot directly opposite the Valcour Island Lighthouse. A diver and boater for over 30 years on Lake Champlain, he has developed a keen interest in the lake and its history. Several years ago he became disturbed about the abandonment of the grounds at the Crab Island Monument. He has become a self appointed caretaker who makes frequent trips to Crab Island to mow, clear brush, and poison ivy away from the Monument site. He is also trying to uncover some of the many mysteries associated with Crab Island, especially those of the 20th century. Most of the photos of Valcour and Crab Island are the result of Roger's willingness to take the webmaster to these islands. Roger is a kind and trusted friend who is one of the reasons America's Historic Lakes is so successful today. [JPM]

Barbara Gallagher

Confiance anchor and Valcour Island Lighthouse Photo Contributions

About the Photographer-

Barbara Gallagher is a retired Mathematics teacher from Plattsburgh, New York. A professional photographer, Barbara sells her lovely photographs of the region and does restorations, composites and picture alterations under the business name of Lake City Images. Her photos can also be found at Craft Shows throughout the North Country. Barbara generously contributed the best of the images of the Bluff Point Lighthouse and all of the photos of the raising of HMS Confiance's anchor from Plattsburgh Bay.  Barbara can be contacted at

America's Historic Lakes is grateful to Barbara for her special contributions. [

Frederic Chase

Lake George Narrows Photo Contribution

About the Photographer-

Photo contributor Fred ChaseFred Chase is a  professional commercial/industrial photographer who has lived on and near Lake George all of his life.  Although his photography business has centered on photographing machinery his true love is photographing his beloved Lake George and his second love, the State of Maine.

Fred's love of the lake started in his early childhood when his parents first rented and then built a home in Pilot Knob on the east shore.  At age 14 he was racing (and winning) his "built from a kit" Sailfish sailboat.  By the summer of his 15th year he had completed SCUBA lessons and was enjoying the clear depths of the lake.  His love of sailing continued and shortly after graduating from college and returning to the Lake George area, he bought a small 19-ft. day sailor.  From there he graduated over the years to sailing a 22 footer, then a 25-ft, 28 ft and finally a 34-foot boat.  In recent years he has moved onto the ease of his 26 foot SeaRay.  

He has been fortunate to be widely traveled having been in 41 of the States, 9 of the Canadian Provinces, the Caribbean, and most of Western Europe.  Even after seeing all of that Fred states:  "There is no place like Lake George". Now, semi-retired, he is trying to spend more time enjoying his photography instead of working at it.  He has an extensive collection of old photographs of the Glens Falls/Lake George area.  Currently he is in the process of setting up a web site to market his scenic photographs.  Currently his work is available in a number of galleries and stores in the local area. 

Fred may be contacted at P.O. Box 1350, South Glens Falls, NY 12803 or at .
America's Historic Lakes is grateful to be able to welcome Fred Chase as a Guest Contributor. We are hoping to be able to share more of Fred's lovely work with you in the future.

Edwin R. Scollon

The Valcour Bay Research Project

About the Author-

Ed ScollonEd Scollon is a trooper with the New York State Police, an accomplished diver, husband, father of two boys and the founder of  The Valcour Bay Research Project. Ed lives in Dannemora, New York with his wife, Lori and sons Shawn and Matt. Ed's interest in the rich history of the lakes was started largely by reading the books of noted author Dr. Russell Bellico. A diver for many years, Ed's life changed dramatically in 1999 when he discovered what was left of an exploded cannon in Valcour Bay. The cannon, believed to have been from the Continental Gunboat New York, was a part of Benedict Arnold's fleet during the critical Battle of Valcour in 1776. Upon discovering the cannon, Ed sought assistance from authorities, chief among them The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum of Basin Harbor, Vermont. The result was The Valcour Bay Research Project- a unique and resourceful example of cooperation between local sport divers and maritime archeological preservation authorities. Ed's wholehearted dedication to this project and long hours of selfless giving finally culminated in his being a featured speaker aboard the MV Adirondack on June 30, 2001.  The ferryboat was used for the ceremonial raising of the artifacts discovered to date by the project. In attendance were local dignitaries and Senators Hillary Clinton and Patrick Leahy.

America's Historic Lakes is deeply honored to have been chosen by Ed to be the Official Home of the Valcour Bay Research Project. We are very happy to have the privilege of bringing you this story and believe that it will be a popular destination for years to come as we follow along with the continuing survey of the depths of Valcour Bay. [JPM]

Ed Scollon photo by Jerry Forkey

Mark and Doug Harwood

Aerial Photo Contributions: Valcour/Crab Island, Cumberland Bay, Northern Lake George, Mt. Defiance

About the Photographers-

Douglas and Mark Harwood are a father and son team who share a common passion- flying. Hailing from Hartford, NY (just south of the historic lakes), Doug and Mark have decided to help out with some of the stunning aerial photographs you can now find gracing the site.

America's Historic Lakes is thrilled that Doug and Mark have decided to keep us in mind when flying over these beautiful and historic lakes and we are very grateful to have them as guest contributors. We understand that we can look forward to more wonderful photos in the near future. [JPM]

Jerry Forkey

Photo contributions: Valcour Bay Research Project, Introduction Page, Philadelphia II, Fort Chambly, others...

About the Photographer-

Because he’s too humble to list his personal contributions and triumphs, this Jerry Forkey bio is presented by his friend and fellow VBRP volunteer, Ed Scollon:

There’s a lot more “U.S.” to Jerry Forkey, than just the prefix to his position with the U.S. Postal Service.  Jerry enjoys annual drives across the states.  With his companion, Jan Kelley, and his camera close at hand, Jerry appreciates all the beauty that this great country has to offer.  He is an avid student of U.S. and Champlain Valley history and a member of Clinton County Historical Association’s Valcour Lighthouse Committee.

Jerry Forkey has been diving Lake Champlain for over three decades and served as a member of Clinton County’s Sheriff Department scuba team.  He‘s been an energetic, selfless and devoted member of the Valcour Bay Research Project since its inception.  Besides greatly contributing to the survey at the bay’s depths, Jerry is almost solely responsible for capturing the team’s efforts at the surface.  He recognized the opportunity to make a photographic record of the team’s endeavors and took on that challenge.  He did so without any prompting or funds other than his own.  I take pictures with a camera; Jerry takes portraits.  We’re very pleased and proud that much of what AHL visitors “see” about the VBRP can be attributed to Jerry’s work and keen eye. [ERS]

America's Historic Lakes is very happy to be finally acknowledging Jerry's excellent photographic contributions. Without his great photos the story of the Valcour Bay Research Project would be much more difficult to tell. We really appreciate Jerry's efforts and trust you will enjoy his work as much as we do. [JPM]

Judy Swink

The Log of the Rosina

The contributor tells us about herself and her family:

A retired librarian living in San Diego, California, I was born in 1944, three days before D-Day & grew up in the history-saturated region of Norfolk, Virginia. I spent my formative years sailing & racing on Chesapeake Bay with my parents and sister, much as my father had done during his younger years. I graduated from Roanoke College [Salem VA] with a BA in French, thanks to my father's encouragement to spend my Junior Year in France, then obtained a Master's of Library Science which enabled me to work in a couple of interesting libraries [US Naval Academy; University of New Mexico] before bringing me to San Diego, California, where I have worked in libraries for over 30 years.

Born in Norfolk in 1907, my father grew up on the water aboard his father's powerboat "Rosina", enjoying many family cruises on Chesapeake Bay and both north and south on the Intracoastal Waterway. In the early 1930s, my father built the first of two Moth Boats, a small one-person cat-rigged sailboat first designed in Elizabeth City NC in 1929. Throughout the 1930s, my father's interest in sailing grew until he bought a 30' sloop in 1940, resulting in his meeting his future wife - my mother. I myself didn't get on the water until age 1 1/2 because of WW II but was then treated to a childhood of the travel and sailing pleasures my father had experienced growing up. In 2001, I decided to retire early and begin working with the tremendous collection of family papers and pictures inherited from both maternal and paternal sides. Among the treasures, I found the "Log of the Rosina" with photos and NY State waterways permit, only one example of the family history materials my sister and I have inherited. In the log and photos, Frederic was our father, the 17 year old 'engineer' and photographer of the trip.

America's Historic Lakes is grateful to Judy for sharing the Rosina's Log with site visitors. [jpm]

Claudia Hornby

Bluff Point Lighthouse Photo Contribution

Claudia Hornby is a retired English teacher and amateur photographer from Plattsburgh, New York. She and her husband Peter have enjoyed sailing, both racing and cruising, on Lake Champlain for more than 30 years.

America's Historic Lakes is grateful to  Claudia for sharing her lovely photo of the lighthouse with site visitors. [jpm]

Frank Pabst

Windmill Point Lighthouse, Crab Island Flagpole Photo Contributions

The sightseeing vessel, M/V Juniper, Capt. Frank Pabst, based in Plattsburgh. Photo taken from the Bluff Point Lighthouse.The late Frank Pabst kept busy making his own contributions to Lake Champlain's maritime history for over 30 years. Captain Frank was well known as a Plattsburgh NY area entrepreneur, civil servant, scuba diver and operator of a towing and salvage firm. Frank was perhaps best known as the Captain of the Juniper, the tour boat he operated out of Plattsburgh for some 25 years. Frank was famous for his colorful and informative stories regarding Lake Champlain's storied past. Even in his latter years, despite his semi-retirement, Frank remained busy consulting on local projects and promoting historic commemoration events.

America's Historic Lakes is grateful to Frank for all of his contributions to the region and is very happy to welcome him as a Guest Contributor. [jpm]

John Rock

Crab Island Flagpole Photo Contributions

John Rock is a life-long resident of Morrisonville, NY. He's been employed by NYSEG for 33 years as a heavy equipment operator. There are three grown children in his family. John tells us he became involved in the Crab Island Flagpole restoration project because of his feeling of patriotism. John knew something had to be done to get this flagpole back to its home on Crab Island. He knew his years of experience with setting large poles and structures would help him get the job done along with lots of help from many volunteers. He remains deeply interested in the history of the Champlain Valley and plans to be active in more restoration projects in the future.

We here at America's Historic Lakes are very happy to have been granted access to John's photos of the work with the Crab Island Flagstaff. We very much appreciate his contributions to our story and the restoration work and are pleased to welcome him as a Guest Contributor. [jpm]

Matt Booth

Crab Island Flagpole Photo Contributions

Matt Booth is a husband, father, and a 6th generation resident of the Champlain Valley, on both sides of his family. (He tells us that almost qualifies him as a "native"). Matt's family has had a presence on Lake Champlain since approximately 1809 at Chazy Landing, New York. After 25 years with the Plattsburgh City Police Department, he retired as Chief of Police. He has long been active in underwater archeology working on the submerged cultural resources of the Champlain Valley for some 30 years. He is currently involved in the survey work of both Cumberland Bay and Valcour battle sites.

America's Historic Lakes welcomes Matt Booth as a guest contributor. We're grateful that we are able to share his images with the world. [jpm]

Matt Booth photo by Jerry Forkey

Ann Thurber

Fort Montgomery  Research and Photo Contributions

Ann Thurber was born and raised in Vermont. She moved to Rouses Point, New York in 1996 with husband Jim and children Jamie and Luc Wright. Shortly after arriving in NY, Ann's uncle got her interested in genealogy as he told her of her great great grandfather who lived in Mooers. Over the years Ann has spent much time along with other family members researching her Brickey line and has traced the line back to 1640 France and the original ancestor Gregoire Vivier.

Ann is an employee of Powertex, Inc. in Rouses Point, New York, and the current owners of Fort Montgomery. She is also a Volunteer Coordinator for the Clinton and Essex County New York GenExchange and Surname Registry (free records that are all added by herself or other volunteers).  This includes two mailing lists for the respective counties.  Ann will provide lookups and some free private research as time permits.

America's Historic Lakes is very pleased to welcome Ann as a guest contributor. Many of the wonderful vintage images and the tour of Fort Montgomery wouldn't have happened without her able assistance. [jpm]

Ann Thurber photo by Jim Millard

David Minor

Exile's Travels

About the Author:

Born in Batavia, New York, in 1940, David Minor earned a BFA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University, a two-year certificate at the American Academy of Dramatic Art, and a Masters degree in Media Studies at New School for Social Research. Worked for New York Telephone/NYNEX, 1970-1990.

Peripherally interested in history since junior high school. Influenced by the Benedict Arnold novels of Kenneth Roberts. Started compiling historical data, computerizing it in the 1980s, and went online with a web site in the mid-1990s. He maintains a timeline of New York City and State history on his site, at:

On the board of directors of the Canal Society of New York State and a member of the New Society of the Genesee, and the Genesee Valley Civil War Roundtable. Published in Crooked Lake Review, American Canals and (looking ahead to 2005) The Encyclopedia of New York State. Weekly history commentator on WXXI, Rochester, New York's PBS FM station (91.5), from which the James Stuart article was excerpted. Weekly scripts available by e-mail at:

Contact Information:

David Minor
Eagles Byte Historical Research
Pittsford, New York
585 264-0423


Emily Marcason

Silenced Witnesses: Women at the Battles of Saratoga

About the Author-

Emily Marcason has always been an avid history lover. When she was given the opportunity to contribute to the America's Historic Lake site, she was honored.

Writing the battles of Saratoga piece for AHL was a fun and challenging experience. Being a native Saratoga Springs resident, Emily felt a strong connection to the area. Basing the piece on the point of view of the women who were present at the battles was a challenge of its own. The Saratoga piece was a lot of work but Emily is very proud with its outcome.

Emily is a 2004 St. Michael's College graduate. She resides in Saratoga Springs, NY. In addition to her interest in history, Emily enjoys spending days at the beach and reading. She works in Alumni Affairs at Skidmore College and is excited to take the world on by storm.

Contact Emily:

Publisher note: Emily Marcason interned for America's Historic Lakes in the spring of 2004. We are very pleased to be able to share Emily's excellent work as a first step into our coverage of the Burgoyne Campaign. [jpm]

Michael H. Bernstein

Quebec City Photo Contributions

About the Photographer-

qc_walls_bernstein.jpg (43712 bytes)Michael H. Bernstein graciously contributed the photos that illustrate Jerry Patterson's Quebec City story. Mr. Bernstein tells us that his 1,101 photos have been viewed 200,726 times and downloaded 46,827 times.  You can see more of his work HERE.

America's Historic Lakes
is grateful for his contribution. [JPM]

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