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Lake Champlain Viewed From Space          Lake George Viewed From Space

About the publisher of America's Historic Lakes

The Valcour Bay Research Project on the Web
Experience an actual underwater archaeological survey of a Revolutionary War battlefield on Lake Champlain

Native Americans in the region
By James P. Millard

The Abenaki Myth of Odzihozo the Transformer

Greylock- Great Chief of the Abenaki

Discovering the Historic lakes    [Back to top]
By James P. Millard

Want to know where it is? Simply click on the map...
Lake Champlain and Lake George Region Historical Site Map

Historical Map of the Richelieu River, Lake Champlain, Lake George and Hudson River Transportation Corridor- 1914 (large size, may take some time to load)

Exploring the historic Lake Champlain and Lake George region

Exploring Lakes Champlain and Lake George-Part 2

A History Tour of the Lake Champlain Islands

NEW!  A continuing effort, watch for more maps to come
Maps of the Lake Champlain, Lake George & Richelieu River Region

Lake Champlain and Lake George

Lake George and Fort William Henry

Hague and the Narrows of Lake George

Ticonderoga, Mount Independence, and Mount Defiance

The Historic Lake Champlain Islands

The Historic Burlington, Vermont Waterfront

Valcour Island and Plattsburgh, New York region

Fort Montgomery, Rouses Point, New York

Crown Point State Historic Site

Fort Lennox, Richelieu River

Fort Chambly, Richelieu River

Point au Fer, New York

Historic Whitehall, New York

The Voyages of Sieur Samuel de Champlain- first published 1613
Voyages- VOLUME II

Samuel de Champlain— Adventurer in New France

The  Tercentenary Celebrations on Lake Champlain 1909-1912   [
Back to top]
By James P. Millard


The Secrets of Crab Island    [Back to top]   
By James P. Millard

The fascinating history of the important Lake Champlain transportation corridor as seen through the history of Crab Island. Discover the remarkable story of this tiny island (and Lake Champlain itself) from prehistoric times until today.


Following Fort Blunder...
Fort Montgomery, Rouses Point, New York   [
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By James P. Millard

NEW! Fort Montgomery Video Tours

Fort Montgomery— Rouses Point, New York

The Charles Barney Image Collection 


Aerial Photographs of the Historic Lakes/Richelieu River Region   [Back to top]

[Back to top]

Scenic Photographs of the Historic Lake Champlain and Lake George Region  
Not all of our photos are of historic sites or even history-related, oftentimes they are simply lovely photos of a truly beautiful region. You'll find some of those images listed here:

Unless noted, all photos by Jim Millard

Lake Champlain and Lake George History Timelines   [Back to top]
By James P. Millard
A comprehensive day-by-day account of events on the historic lakes, complete with quotations from primary sources. Not your average chronology!

The French and Indian War
on Lake Champlain and Lake George   [
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By James P. Millard

The Battle of Lake George

Bloody Pond at Lake George

The Battle of Fort William Henry

His Majesty's Fort at Crown Point

An Open Letter to Lake George Visitors

Roger's Rangers- Battle at Point au Fer, June 6, 1760
From our Lake Champlain and Lake George History Timeline

Commanders of Fort St. Frederic

Guest Contributors   [Back to top]

  By Gregory T. Furness
Crown Point, An Outline History

 By Jerry Patterson
Quebec City: May 1999 and
Following in the Footsteps of William Johnson...

 By James G. Bailey
The Forgotten Graves of Crab Island-

 By Edwin P. Scollon
The Valcour Bay Research Project on the Web

 By Judy Swink
The Log of the Rosina

 By Myron C. Smith
Daniel McCay's Military Record

By David Minor
Exile's Travels

By Emily Marcason
Silenced Witnesses: Women at the Battles of Saratoga

By Stan Ransom
Music from the War of 1812

By Tom Ventiquattro II
Dear Lucy- A Love Song for the Battle of Plattsburgh

By Charles Barney
Fort Montgomery-Rouses Point, New York
The Charles Barney Image Collection

By John R. Weaver II
Fort Montgomery: Through the Years... Book Review

By David C. Glenn
The Battle of the Bouquet River

By Stephen Darley
Notes on the Captains of the Vessels in the Battle of Valcour Island under Brigadier General Benedict Arnold and
Table of Captains and Vessels- Battle of Lake Champlain at Valcour Island


Acknowledgements and Contributions
All about the friends, writers, photographers, researchers and historians who have helped make America's Historic Lakes what it is today.

A message from the publisher of the Lake Champlain and Lake George Historical Site 
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Photo contributions can be found throughout America's Historic Lakes. In addition to images from Jim Millard and the authors listed above; photos have been graciously contributed by Greg Furness, Jerry Forkey, Barbara Gallagher, Frederic Chase, Roger and Linda Harwood, Floyd Harwood, Doug and Mark Harwood, Judy Carpenter, Dan Rock, John Tomkins III, Claudia Hornby, Matt Booth, Ralph Gilpin, Charles Barney, and Michael Bernstein. In addition, we have images from the collections of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Clinton County Historical Association and Museum, Special Collections at Feinberg Library, State University of New York and Powertex, Inc. of Rouses Point, NY. Musical contributions have been made by Stan Ransom and Thomas Ventiquattro.

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