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America's Historic Lakes

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Jim and Lynn Millard

Sir, I believe when we die and enter Heaven all our friends, family and all those who we have helped are there to greet us. You not only will have those from your lifetime to greet you, I believe you will have a long line of those who you helped to keep their memory alive with the history and wealth of information provided here. Thank you! Sheila●Your work is some of the BEST OF THE NET!! THANK YOU. S.●Love the lake, thanks for all the great work on the site, it's fantastic. Robert●This site has helped me greatly in further understanding the role of the lakes in our history. Esther●This web site is cool. Name Withheld●Sharp and full of great content. A monument to the rich history of the Lake Champlain and Lake George regions. Jeff●Great Website! Love the maps, original documents, and links. I really appreciate the details you have included. Jerry●Congrats on the newest award. Others are finding out what some of us already knew --- this is an outstanding site. Matt●Great work and loads of inf. Gary●Your pages are very informative. Elizabeth●I had never heard of this battle and am impressed not only by the site but the fact that, unlike many so called historical sites, you quote primary and secondary sources to back up your claims as any good historian should. Very impressive. George●This is a very helpful site, especially for anyone planning a trip to Lake George or Lake Champlain. Cheers! Larissa●Have you ever heard anything about the Lockness monster? I am very interested, and so is everyone. Please don't let us down. A friend of mine noticed his leg had been bitten off while swimming; Could this be from a Lockness monster? He is limping about on the streets of Burlington, confused and wondering what happened. This is urgent. Can you help? Colin●You are too general, I beleive. Name Withheld●Thanks for providing such a beautiful and informative sight. Doris●Great site and well needed for us who live FAR away from the Lakes. Charlie●Absolutely Megga site. Eric●Very interesting! Priscilla●Wonderful website. I have always been fascinated with the region and its history and visit often. Kent●This is a great site - thanks for sharing this information! Stacey●Great site!! Leaving for Lake George tomorrow and you've given us lots of great ideas and places to visit. Deb●You did a beautiful job. Don't stop. Robert●The site is very informative! Elaine●Absolutely enjoyed my visit and will return many times in the future. Stephen●Very informative, interesting. Great site. Peter●I used to live there and I didn't think this was very informative. People who live in the south have never even heard of Lake Champlain or Ticonderoga or any of that. I think you need to add more information and pictures of how beautiful the land is there. Anyone I've talked to have said they would like to see the scenery. Name Withheld●Enjoyed your site. Clifton●This site has been helpful to me in my independent study. Christi●This web site is a godsend. Keep up the good work. All the best. R.G.GREAT site!! Thanks for sharing your time and interests with us all! Pat●Coolbeanz to you who have created this site. Name Withheld●I thoroughly enjoyed browsing this sight! Monique●What a glorious find! Your pages are beautiful, easy to move around in, and so informative!!●Very interesting information. Frances●Really enjoyed my visit to your website! Thanks for your hard work. Denise●Kwai!!! Wonderful page. Redwing●Excellent Web Site. Richard●Love the "dedication" and the web site. Terry●Very impressive and interesting. John●GREAT web site. Doyle●This is a wonderful site. Karen●A good site for my seventh grade class. Kate●I am delighted with your web page. Thank you for making this real to me. Dianne●Very Informative with Pleasant Photos. Gary & Linda●I was doing a project on the role of Lake Champlain in the war of 1812 and your site was all i needed!!! Name Withheld●I chanced upon this website and it is brilliant! Catriana●This site has some great references. Gerald●Find your site very interesting. Chris●Now that we are all addicted to genealogy, it is a valuable research site. Mimi●A beautiful site, well put together. Walter●Enjoyed the tour and dedication to the history of the area.Name Withheld●Fantastic site! Thanks again for all you do to preserve history in our wonderful region. Gordie●This site allows me to remember the fort as I saw it so long ago. Fred●This is a very nice site. John●I used this site for a project- it was really helpful- thank you so much! Jeanie●Love the history of this site. Robbie●Good stuff. Love that part of the world, a lot of history. Naturity●Outstanding site, beautifully designed. I especially liked the comprehensive links. Mark●I love the web site! Ian●I found your site and contents fascinating and very useful in understanding the British military involvement in the USA and Canada. Ian●Your site is very good for the History buff. Everett●An informative and captivating site -- great work! Ron●Love this page!!!!! Thanks so much. Linda●As a researcher based in London, England, I find this site extremely valuable as an overview, prior to a trip I'm hoping to make to the Champlain/George region. Name Withheld●So glad I stopped by. I plan to learn more about this area and era! Jackie●Very interesting stuff! Wanda●Thank you. Wonderful information. Sherry●WOW. John and Barbara●Keep up the great work, its a fantastic site!! Nicole●What a wonderful site!  Bravo to who ever is posting this! Chris●This Website doesn't show all of the history of the history of Vermont. You need to put more about it. Kyle●This is a great site! I found a lot of useful information here. THANKS. Dan●Your site has helped me understand the area. Barbara●Absolutely great.  A work of art, I love your site. Steven●Great site, you guys know your stuff. Dave●This is a great site.  I wish more areas had such great local history sites! Margaret.●A fabulous resource on the history of our beautiful region. Name Withheld●A real labor of love. Shelagh ●Nice site! Many facts! Nicole●This is a great website. Amanda●I keep coming back here, finding new things to look at. Don●This region is undoubtedly among the most beautiful spots on earth in addition to being rich in colonial history. A.J.●Excellent website: full of useful historical information pertaining to the Lake George/Lake Champlain area. Clint●ENJOYED READING HISTORY OF ISLANDS. PAT●A superb effort. Charles●Very impressive site...lots of good information, maybe too few pics! Keep the great work ! It gives us (French Canadians) good reasons to visit your region, we can find a little bit of us in the lake region. Name Withheld●Wow! Can't wait till I have a couple of hours. Priscilla●This helped me on my fort carillon project! Mary●You have done a great job. This is a great site. Deborah●Please, keep this site up because it has been a great to help to me and would be a big help to others who are doing a project on him for a class or for a report. That is which I am doing. If you could could you send me some things about him . And also I just want to say thank you for all of your help on your site here. Name Withheld●I am very impressed about your work and professionalism. Gerhard●Great site, I recommend it to all my students. Bonnie●Enjoyed the site very much, it was an especially nice site to visit. Cynthia●Very interesting site-well done. Jack●Wonderful site. Donna●Great to see all the new changes! I'm referring all the schools I do Art-in-Ed in to your great site! Keep it up!! Chris●Plenty of information. I am looking forward to visiting by boat. Joseph● Thanks to the people who searched for the information and the effort that has been put into this site. Chris●I ran across your site in a search for the history of Fort Montgomery. It is the best site for local history that I have ever had the good fortune to access. It is beautiful in every sense of the word. Keep up the excellent work. Bob●i love this site can you leve this site on and make a book. Name Withheld●The info depicted here is perfect to match my genealogy; thanks for a beautiful site. Charles●Great site. Jenna●A beautiful site that matches the magic of the area. Victor●Beautiful photos. Celeste●Its pretty! Dana●We are doing a research project on Samuel de Champlain and this website really helped ( Especially the statue, cool picture!) Lisa and Carmen●I found this very interesting and the pictures were great. Bill●I greatly enjoyed your site. Graham●What a great site! Thanks for all the great work! Cher●I found this to be one of the best sites I have visited. William●Your site lots of info thanks! -Seth● Nice work, keep it up, looking good. John●I AM IMPRES. THANK YOU. Gilles● This is one of the best historical web sites i have ever seen. Great job and thanks. Mike●What a wonderfully informative site. Nadine●What a great pleasure to come upon your site. Exciting stuff! Not only a tremendously interesting locale, but beautiful beyond words. Thanks!!!! Gwen●Excellent review of history. Enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good works. Tom●Very interesting and informative site. I look forward to the timeline being completed. Josh● This site is really great. Suzanne●I was trying to print out the timeline for a school report. And all that came out was black pages, yes, black pages. Now I must try to find a site as soon as possible. My report is due Thursday and I have feild hockey all week. This is a discrase you should let people print out your site pages, so that they can have their reports done. They give you credit, but I am thinking of giving you bad printing credit. You have wonderful information, but why don't I go to google, yahoo, or And asking for money just makes people think down on you. Well, I have a report to do and I have to find my information. I am not sure if I'm going to use this site cause I am afraid I might waste paper and paper does not come cheap. You have to chop down trees for paper. Chopping down trees causes less oxygen. So I hope you take this to notice and I am not trying to be rude, but please shape up. Thank you!! And please do not e-mail me. Luv ya!!! Name Withheld●Nice work done to site. Brandon●My daughter is doing a report for school and this has beautiful pictures that she can add to the report. Lorie●I am sending a link to your Timeline to everyone I know, especially my Grandsons as it is the best I have seen about a very complicated stage in the History of this country. Many, Many thanks for such a wonderful way of explaining it all. Suzanne●Good work -- very informative!! Jason● Quite nice! Thanks for the effort. Arthur●Very nice site you've put together - it's a beautiful area with a fascinating history. Ed●This is an amazing site. I am very impressed. Haley●You have a really informative web site yet it's boring! Nikki●Good site! Have been learning more about the history and beginning to realize how significant the area was. Ralph●FANTASTIC SITE!!! Well done, well researched, well documented. Particularly like photographs of less known historic sites and markers. Your hard work is appreciated, it's nice to know that the men & women who sacrificed so much along these lakes & rivers are not forgotten. D. R.●I'm currently working on my family history and this site has been very helpful for learning more about the area. Frederick●Beautiful site. Paul●I think this site is truly outstanding. I live on Lake Champlain and I find the author has done a splendid rendition of the happenings that have taken place on this historic and beautiful body of water. My personal congratulations for a job superbly done. Thanks. Andy●I think you need to have more pictures of the fall foliage from these points. Alot of people inquire about what it would look like. Name Withheld●This is a very good site. We are planning another visit to the area and your site sure has a lot of information. David●Thanks for the site. Very interesting. Keep up the nice work. BillA very nice site. Brian●Thanks, Your site has helped me a lot! Rebecca●I found the sight to be very informative. Chris●Very nicely done----real classy. Frank●Wow - I love this site. The info is great and the pictures bring me right back to the fresh air, blue waters, and the wonder of the amazing history these shores hold. Thanks! Jennifer●Enjoyed your site. Debby●Very Pleased with this site. I have spent many wonderful years on both Lake Champlain and Lake George. They are everything said and more. The feelings of living history surrounds you completely. Please keep the good work coming. Wade●WHAT WONDERFUL WORK -& BY INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS NOT GOVERNMENT . EVERYONE SHOULD BE DELIGHTED WITH WHAT THERE IS AND TRY TO ADD TO IT. FAY●This did not help me very much on my project. There was not enough information at all. I'm not pleased with this work. Katie●VERY NICE, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. RAY & NANCY●This is a terrific web site, easy to navigate, spectacular graphics, and enticing photos. Mary●Nice work. Ever think of expanding to the Mohawk Valley to Oswego? Al●I found your website useful in my research. Thank you!! Jeff●Great site !! Keep up the great job. This site should be viewed by all. Steve●What a great site! Thanks for creating and maintaining it. Steve● I think u did a good job on this site!!!!!!!! Anna●I've enjoyed visiting you and your site very much.... you've done a great job! I will be sure to visit again! Claudette●Excellent and very helpful. Keep up the good work! Kaye●You have a nice site and found it very useful. Marc●Very good site, thanks, kids could use info for school projects●Great site! Fred●The site is a terrfic resource for students and anyone interested in the region's history. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Name Withheld●A truly INFORMATIVE and VISUALLY APPEALING site! I tagged it a 'favorite' immediately, so I guess I pretty much like everything about it! My salute to Jim Millard and his efforts for all of us! P.M.●Great site! This area has an incredible story to tell about our local history and your site does a great job of telling it. Roger●Fabulous site. Much appreciated. Will add greatly to upcoming field trips. Thanks. Bob●I think the web site is very informative and, beautiful.. great job. Karen●An excellent site!!! Marty●I CAN SENSE A REAL LOVE OF THE HISTORY AND AREA COMING FROM THE PAGES. JERI●Great site. Looking forward to your proposed additions and more contributing articles. Stephen●What a cool site! Kurt●Excellent, very interesting. Gary●Great help! Bob●Wonderful source of info. I was especially touched by the Open Letter. Thanks. Mary●Great site! Dan●This site blows. Name Withheld●I don't think I've seen a more comprehensive account of the lakes all in one place - your dedication is obvious, thank you! Even better than the LCMM site. Tom●Nice work!! Very nice! John●Great job! Looking forward to the rest of your Lake George history timeline. Dominick●KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK .You have a special talent! Pete●THANKS JIM FOR ALL THE RESEARCH, TIME AND DEDICATION YOU HAVE PUT INTO THIS SITE. Patrick●I am glad to find out that these place's still exist, I have done a lot of reading of history in the past, and find it very educational to visit places that I have read about. Harold●Beautiful site - I thought this part of our history had been forgotten. Thank you for showing me that it still remains significant. Jen●Thanks for all the great reading. Larry●This site is well done, lots of good info. especially for history nuts. Charlie●Great site. Thanks for your great work. Gene●Enjoyed your site and will return. Thanks. Ursula●You Need More Information :):0 Name Withheld●It's a great site and service to Northern New York. Joe●Found your time line very informative. Thanks. Lisa●Enjoyed everything about your site. Keep up the good work. Art●You've done a wonderful job! Thank you! Bill●Your site is very informative and interesting! Keep up the good work :) Marion●Great! Hungry for more!! Bob●This is a Great site. Michael●Your site is valuable to children who are studying Amer. history. Job well done! Betty●This is a very informative as well as interesting site! Thanks for the great effort! Kitty●Nicely done site. I hope to visit many of the areas you have included. William●Other than not finding what I was looking for, it's very well done. Kari●I've got to say that your site is very informative! Scott●Thanks for a very interesting and well put together site. Jerome●We think you have a great site. Good job! Dick and Sheila●Thanks for all the work. History was great and fun to look up. Jan●Just having● fun learning about local history. David●I loved the history of Lake Champlain and found your stories very interesting. Phyllis●I really enjoyed your site, it was an invaluable help! I was thrilled to find your site and "visit " other locations associated with that period of history. Thanks again. Fred●You are dooing a good job on this web site. i have a big reasearch parer due on the 18 th and i hope i get an a i am using this site with all the info i can find. Name Withheld●From everything I've seen, I don't think u can make it better. Candie●Your site is already a small treasure. Tom●Needs more historically acurate maps. Name Withheld●Well Done! Fred●It's great. Teresa●WONDERFUL. Memi●It's perfect. Sandy●Well done. Joe●I intend to take my first graders on a tour of the islands where they live via your site. It is so important that they realize the history of the ground that they walk on. Thanks for making my job easier. Judy●Just a short note to let you know that I found your website very informative and put together very well. I know as you do the work involved in putting a history site together and keeping it updated. I tip my hat to you sir for a job well done! Rob●Wonderful site. Keep up the good work! Name Withheld●It is well designed and probably a monumental effort to build and maintain. Ferd●I am very impressed with your pages. I look forward to revisiting you web sites often. Thanks for sharing with me. D.R.●Enjoyed your web site - it was very helpful in my niece's research. Debbie●Great site! Keep up the good work. Linda●This was really nice!! Heather●Lovely. A great site. I enjoy reading about the Lake Champlain area. Thanks! Frances●This is just a peachykeen site. Emilie●Great site, really well designed. Rodney●I'm glad to see someone cares about the lake, I do too. Alex●The amount of work and care put into this site is truly extraordinary. Name Withheld●Very well done Thanks. Jean●Very helpful information. Pat●I enjoyed your site thanks. Andy●Enjoyed your site and will return often. Pete.●Very useful for my planning. Thank you. Robert●Like the changes you made to your site. Keep up the good work. Ray.●Very informational. I think the site is very well organized. It really helped me with my report. Thank you. Chris●Loved it, Revisiting. Joy.●Great site! Gary●Nice site. JonThis is a wonderful website. I will be making it my link of the week on my site. Elaine●Love the site! Tom●Very interesting and well designed site. Bob●Nice stuff , good site, music's annoying .Good pictures. Confidential●Good job! Stewart●It's GREAT. Bob●History is kind of boring. Name Withheld●You have a very good web page it is quite informative and very well done. Jonathan.●Nice job! I've been looking for the Richelieu River for hours and hours. Your site gave me a glimmer of hope just in time to dash it on the rocks of reality. i hate this site!!!! Name WithheldArt●Your site keeps getting better all the time, Keep up the good work. Ray●Thanks for the great web site on French and Indian Wars. Excellent History of Forts. Norman●As a teacher, my students have used your site to gather information. I like it in "rough form so they are not tempted to copy it, but rather they must read and take notes from it. Name Withheld●It's orgasmic, so don't touch it unless you plan on adding more. This site was amazing. Timothy●Ah, Yankee Doodle...loved the music but considering we won this war couldn't we have a Canadian tune (just kidding). Frankly, it's a great site and you've done a commendable job. I learned a lot. And it brought back happy memories of trips to Ft. Ticonderoga, Lake George, etc. Thanks loads. Bette●VERY interesting topic and excellent coverage. Chris●Love the site. Al●This site sucks. Name Withheld●Nice series of pages, well researched with plenty of emphasis on calling the visitors attention to the more serious and frequently overlooked aspects of history; namely the consequences to the individual soldiers and civilians involved. I especially appreciated your mention of the grave sites of the many fallen souls at William Henry. Steve●I am glad there is a site like this. It is very hard to find good information, that is recent. Thank you. Virginia●You've done a great job, most commendable. Mike●Jim your site is great. You have more information on the forts of that region than the sites you show have on their own pages. Keep up the good work. Ray●I found your site very interesting. Mike.●Loads fast and looks great! What more could a person want? Jeff●Very nice. Very informative. It sure looks like you've put some time and thought into it. Keep up the good work! Tom●I commend you for your great site. Bob●Lake Champlain's history is unmatched! Thank you! Name Withheld●You have a great web page. Jack●Very informative and very well done. Keep up the good work. Martha●You've done a great job! Thanks for the Tour. Tim●Great Site!!! I really enjoyed it, especially the history. Gerry●Nice page and we got some great info. on Lake George for an upcoming vacation. Jerry●I searched the web and yours was one of the first sites listed. It's wonderful! Thank you so much; I will return (again and again). Name Withheld●SUPER!!!!! Manny●Excellent site with very good information !!!! Gerhard● KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Bill●You have such a fine site, so much excellent information. Val●Great Information. John●I think your stupid to make people have to pay a fee they already had to pay for their whole intire computer and thats alot of money if you get a dell flat screen because, i have one and for my advice you should probaly start to pay the fee for everyone who goes on your web site so if I were you I'd start to get some money from somewhere to pay the fee to get every single page of this web site o.k. to print because your going to start losing customers just because of that stupid fee so find some money somewhere to pay that $5-10 fee for over probaly 3,000 people so try to find something your really good at that would easily be used as a found raiser like a yard sale or something I'll let you go so you can get started it's going to take a looooooooooooong time. from, you secret person. Name Withheld●These are the kind of sites that make the internet worth while. Jim, I can really appreciate the amount of research (and HTML work) put into your "labor of love". Jeff●Very nice pages. Mark●I searched through your absolutely wonderful sight for an hour today and loved every minute of it! In fact, I am going to send the link to my students as we had just taken a field trip to the Maritime Museum last Thursday and are studying aspects of American history and culture again. Your work on this site is simply amazing! Congratulations on a fabulous site! Christine●Your web-site is very good and informative. Claus●This site is CHOUETTE!!! I think you should make a book!! Keep up the CHOUETTE! work! (Chouette is french) Please give me more information though, please figure out where those graves are, that would be cool if it was on the site! CHOUETTE! CHOUETTE! CHOUETTE!!!!! Name Withheld●I got on your website in order to find a detailed map of Lake Champlain.  I already knew that the lake covered areas in New York and Vermont (and probably Canada?).  Unfortunately, I could only find the historic map.  Its accompanying text was not particularly helpful. So, the river extends 100 miles north to south - in what country?.  I was never able to locate a description of the actual geographic location of the lake.  More basic information about the area seems necessary for your website. Name Withheld●Thanks for all the work you've done in sharing your knowledge of this importantly historic area. Bob●Quite exciting!●A comprehensive site which adds much to my understanding of the area to which my ancestors moved in 1800.  Thank  you for a great work.  Gerald●Your site is wonderful. Donna●This is a very nice site, enjoyed all the history and the pictures. Don & Nancy●Bravo! It is a magnifique work, I appreciate very much the beautiful pictures and the history. Agathe●Excellent site.  It provided me with a great deal of information about Plattsburg and its battles. ●Only as an adult have I learned the enormous role that Lake Champlain played in American history.  Why wasn't this part of our school curriculum in the 1960's and 70's?  This is a great web site, and I am sharing it with my five and seven year olds who LOVE Fort Ticonderoga (it's the cannons, of course at this point).  Thank you for undertaking such a project. Nancy●Very informative, and enjoyable I have looked for a longtime on information. Bruce●This is a great site! I've been looking for info on Lake Champlain for my history class!●Very informative site, I really loved it. Very good job. Lee●I am a 7th grade student...and for social studies, we are studying Vermont's History. My mother recommended your site to me.  Your site is a great source!! You have all the information I need which I could never find! I searched throughout the internet, but I couldn't find the facts I needed. You have historical maps for instance before, during and after the battle. This is a great source! Thank you very much!! Suzy●Well done site! Interesting historical details.●Thank you for the information on the area, I think it is important to have it so our youth can see about it as they aren't learning about it in school as we used to, Thank you again. Robert ●The photos are marvelous... Susan●More photos of historical events would be greatly appreciated. Name Withheld●Another excellent site on history and Information of Lake Champlain area. Walton●I am disappointed but not surprised that hardly any mention of Aboriginal people are on this site. When there is a link, it doesnt work. The Abenaki/Wabanaki peoples contributed their lives to both french and english sides. Many of our First Nations were wiped off the face of the earth because of war and disease. And to exclude us is to tell lies about your history and ours. Isnt it funny when we talk about our history we always mention yours. Concealment of the historical truth is a crime against the people. Gen. Petro G Grigorenko, samizdat letter to a history journal, c. 1975, USSR. Wul'iwni/Wuli'wun/Wela'lin ●When I clicked on the links from the email you sent, I was pleased to read what I was looking for in the first place. Maybe I have jumped the gun about your site...Wul'iwni/Wuli'wun/Wela'lin●You have a great site here. Keep up the informative work. ●GREAT SITE! Robert●This is probably one of the best sites on the internet. I stumbled across it last year and I am a frequent visitor (there is always something that still needs to be read). I just wanted to say I really appreciate your effort. BEP●Excellent work! I grew up in the area woefully ignorant of all that transpired. Your documentation is thorough and enjoyable to read. I especially appreciated the modern color photos. The only suggestion I would make is that the Home page links, etc. be placed at the top of each page, where they are more readily visible. Again, a great site. Blaine●Absolutely great.  A work of art. I love your site. Fran●Your site is very important-educational tool. Thank you for sharing with the world! Name Withheld●Great site, you guys know your stuff. Would appreciate a little more on Ethan Allen and the Green Mtn. Boys in the site. Dave●This is a great site.  I wish more areas had such great local history sites! Margaret●Your Plattsburg page is top-notch. Barbara● A most interesting site and great photos of area. Historic Lakes is just great. Edson and Pauline●This is a wonderful site and I am so happy to have discovered it. Claudia●Thank you for providing such an informative detailed site. I found it easy to use. We are considering a vacation in the areas you covered. Your exceptional information was very helpful. G.●You have a wonderful site! Keep up the great work. I'll share it as often as possible. Priscilla●Found myself literally "stuck" there for half a day....I couldn't resist reading, reading and reading some more, plus enjoying the illustrations. Nancy●Marvelous web site (it's a whole web ring!!!) My heartfelt thanks and congratulations for such extensive and thorough research, such great writing, terrific photos... and best of all, for sharing this with all of the rest of us web surfers. Susan●You continue to amaze me with your knowledge of history. This is amazing! Christine●Wonderful! Jim●Keep up the excellent work. I for one appreciate the work and time you have spent in reporting all this. James●A fine piece of work. David●Just wanted to say Hi and tell you again how great your site is. I can't tell you how wonderful it is!! Sarah●Your website is very confusing. Nothing helps me. Just kidding. Name Withheld●Thank you for your beautiful website. Marilyn●Your site is like a treasure trove that I have found and get to explore from time to time. Daniel●Keep up the good work, it's a nice web site. Rita●Excellent work! Whalen●This really helped me with my social studies homework, thanks. A student in need ●I really love your web-site. Jeriann●I really appreciate all the information found on your site ... Louis●Thanks for these wonderful web pages and to all the information they provide. I thoroughly enjoyed the history particularly following the retreat of the Northern Army from Canada in the War for Independence. The suffering of the troops at Isle aux Noix, the naval engagement at Valcour Island, the rear guard action at Hubbardton and ultimately victory at Saratoga, seemed to come alive as I followed the events of 1776-1777. Mike●Great web site about Valcour Island, NY. Rita●Excellent web site. Sally●I have found the best maps available on your web site... A.S.●Great site! Terry●A splendid website which I shall want to visit again. David●You have done a wonderful job on your Lake Champlain history site. Susan●I love this website. Keep up the good work. Stacy●How do you keep finding, and adding, more great material? When do you find the time? Every time I look in on the site I get distracted with all the new material. Keep it up. Matt●Very impressed with your web page. Sean●You have done a wonderful job on the site as your awards attest. Bob●This is a wonderful site... Muriel●I really enjoyed your site on the Battle of Plattsburgh. I had to write an extra credit paper on the Battle and your information helped fill in some blanks where in need. I cited your web site for reference of the information.  Thank you for all the information you have worked so hard to come up with. Denice●Just used your site with my son to find more information about the Richelieu River - awesome stuff on your site... Lori●Your dedication to your wife is very touching. Daniel●I am a student in the 5th grade. One day I was doing my homework and found your web site and I thought I would see some rivers. Don't get me rong your web site is great but it would be nice if you included some pictures of the rivers in Quebec. Thank you for your time. Name Withheld●Thanks, Jim, for your truly educational webpages and dedication to providing NY's vast colonial history to future generations. It is palpable reading about NY's involvement in events of their time. I am just now discovering the tremendous sacrifices each person must have suffered due to their personal convictions. Thanks for making history come alive for those of us who normally rely on movies to obtain our historical perspectives. Doreen●Very comprehensive site. Barbara●I enjoy your Time Line on the history of the Champlain Valley and recognize the tremendous effort that went into its creation. It is a valuable tool for knowledge and research. David●I've loved your site since I came across it several years ago. Thanks for bringing the Champlain Valley alive again. Gerald●Thanks for your lovely site. John●Your site is really the best one that we found by far. (The pictures you have of Fort Ticonderoga from the mountains looking down are wonderful and quite helpful to those of us who have never been there. Sharon●Thank you for compiling such a terrific site. Jeff●Your wonderful site brings back some fine memories. Edwin●This is a wonderful site. Mark●I will walk the grounds next month when I visit there and I will offer up a prayer for all those who are buried there and those who fought with all their might, both British and French and native Americans and all nationalities who continue to fight for freedom. Donna●We don't know the area very well having moved here two years ago from California but thought it very nice that someone would take the time to post such information for the benefit of others. Thank you so much. Richard●You have put together a WONDERFUL website!!!!!! Mike●Your history site gets better every time I look at it. Sally●Your web site is absolutely wonderful and we love to browse through it. Thanks!!! Keep up the G-R-E-A-T work!! Stephen●You have a great site which I am sure takes up an incredible amount of time just to keep up with it. Those of us who are interested in the history of the two lakes really appreciate what you have accomplished with your site. I am really pleased with the new addition to your site -the Valcour Bay Research Project. Steve●The site was great and I will return again and again. Bob●I would like to congratulate you on an extraordinary website. I have been to Lake Champlain since I was a small child and never knew its history. I would rank your site as among the most educational I have ever seen. As a Canadian, I'm a bit shaky on all the important historical events south of the border and found your site extremely helpful. I also enjoyed the sections and links about underwater conservation. It is remarkable to see professionals and lay public working together to preserve the heritage of the lake. Stephen●Your information is most helpful. Nancy●Wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your site is, and it continues to be awesome. Thanx for all your hard work. Name Withheld●I just wanted to express my admiration for this website. I am in awe of your talent. Keep up the good work! Judy●Thanks again for a wonderful site. Christine●I'm looking forward to many return visits; there's too much to absorb in one go. What an impressive site you've put together, thank you! Eden●One of the most beautiful sites I have seen. Bob●What a wonderful compilation of great information, photos, maps and more - and so well presented! Buff●I had an opportunity to visit your website and was really impressed, especially with the recent information on the Valcour Bay Research Project. Dan●I think is a great site. 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Tom●This was most interesting, so thank you. Harvey●I am may never be able to go to Ft. William Henry and other such places, but at least I can see them through your eyes and I felt what you felt when describing the place. William●Great work with this web site(s). John●Just wanted to give you a thumbs up on your site. It's really well done ... comprehensive and the photos are really nice. I've made a few web pages, and I can tell that you have put a lot of work into this, especially going out and taking many of the photos yourself. Small personal projects like these, done out of interest and for fun are what keeps the web a better place. Aaron●Just wanted to let you know how much I am appreciating the hard work that has gone into your site regarding the historic events that took place along the "Warpath." Thanks for your work. Your love of the area and your love of its history is a great help to those of us new to this part of our country. Skip●It is my pleasure to write this note to you to salute your efforts! I read your dedication page to your wife and was taken by your sensitivity -- you complement each other quite well, it seems (smile)! Here's hoping your site remains 'up' for a long time to come! Pat●I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the effort that you have invested in this page. This really gives me an idea of what was going on in the lives of my ancestors. Gene●Hey the site looks incredible!! I just visited it after not seeing it for about a year and it is all different and so much better!! I checked out the link through the Plattsburgh's site and you've really done a very professional job. When have you had time to keep all of this going? Kudos to you!! Jeff●I want to thank you for your wonderful website. I have learned much about Vermont. Linda●I have enjoyed visiting your very nice site. Tom●I love your web site. Have passed it on to many people. 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