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The Battle of Plattsburgh
September 11, 1814
Plattsburgh, New York, Lake Champlain

By James P. Millard

"Victory on Lake Champlain!...14,000 British myrmidons were defeated and put to flight by 5,000Yankees and Green-mountain Boys, on the memorable Eleventh of Sep, 1814..."
So begins an illustrated broadside featured in The Centenary of The Battle of Plattsburgh (1914)

This battle was the turning point in the War of 1812. Upon hearing of the defeat of the mighty British fleet in the bay, Lt. General Sir George Prevost abandoned his attempt to sever the new nation and fled into Canada. The fledgling United States navy had defeated the world's strongest naval power on Lake Champlain.

The Battle of Lake Champlain


Reproduced from the Vergennes, Vermont Macdonough Centennial Program and The Centenary of the Battle of Plattsburg (1914) . 
Courtesy of the Floyd Harwood Collection

A signal victory on Lake Champlain: The Battle of Plattsburgh

invasionmap1.jpg (68667 bytes)Part I- Invasion-Click HERE
September 1, 1814. The British cross the border into the United States.
invasionmap2.jpg (114183 bytes)Part II- South through Chazy, Beekman's Town and Isle la Motte- Click HERE.
September 1-4, 1814. The invasion army moves south from Champlain through Chazy and Beekman's Town.
invasionmap3.jpg (133560 bytes)Part III-Culver's Hill, Halsey's Corners, and Dead Creek Bridge- Click HERE.
September 5-6, 1814. Engagements at Culver's Hill, Halsey's Corners, and Dead Creek Bridge.
invasionmap4.jpg (142658 bytes)Part IV- War in Plattsburgh, New York: September 6-11, 1814- Click HERE.
September 6-11, 1814. The battles on land within Plattsburgh. 


plattsburgh_battle_map.jpg (201657 bytes)Part V-A signal victory on Lake Champlain: September 11, 1814- Click HERE.
September 11, 1814. Action on Cumberland Bay

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The Battle of Lake Champlain [a.k.a. Battle of Plattsburgh] The Story of an Eye-Witness, Retold by J.E. Tuttle
Reproduced from The Outlook, November 2, 1901

Click HERE to listen to Tom Ventiquattro and Dan Wills' wonderful recording of Dear Lucy- a love song about the Battle of Plattsburgh. As Tom writes- "Let us imagine that Commodore Macdonough wrote a love letter to his wife...immediately after the Battle of Plattsburgh... with the shock of cannon fire still ringing in his ears..." The song is reproduced courtesy of and copyright © 2005 Newbraugh Brothers Music .* Learn more about the artist here. Note: the music file is in Windows Media Format (.wma) and slightly over 600k in size. Users with slower connections may have to wait for a portion of the song to download before they hear anything. (Users of browsers other than Internet Explorer may not be able to play the song).

"The Plight of the English Flaghip"- ConfianceThe Frigate Saratoga at the Battle of Lake Champlain battle_from_cumberlandhead.jpg (65787 bytes)line_of_battle_plattsburgh2.jpg (48888 bytes)
Plight of the ConfianceThe Battle of Plattsburgh Bay Cumberland Head Battle of Plattsburgh Bay
(click on the thumbnail to see a larger image) 

*"Dear Lucy" By Thomas Ventiquattro II (Tom 24) Published by permission.
© 2005 by Newbraugh Brothers Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
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